I can pin point the exact moment that I fell in love with photography. I was standing on the golden gate bridge in San Francisco, around the age 13, and had been given a disposable camera. Fascinated with the landscapes and the architecture, I snapped all 32 pictures right on that big red bridge! It was love at first site of the photos. I haven't stopped since.

Having worked professionally in many different types of art forms, including five summers immersed in live theatre, I’ve had the chance to work on 8 feature film projects, countless television shows and a hand full of commercials. But photography is my first love. My passion.

I am fortunate to have been exposed to many different industries, I have learned many different skills, and I’ve met some very inspiring people along the way. Each experience has helped to guide, shape and light my path. I process all of those skills and talents into my photography. I am about framing beauty whether it be in still life or in motion.

Photography has always been with me since that day on the bridge and I’ve found that nothing gives me more warmth or energy than seeing a freshly captured photograph. My desire is for each moment, and each photo we make together, to bring a smile to your face for years to come.

Love & Light,

Jade Amber Morel